This detailed case study delves into sustainable fashion platform IVALO.COM's strategic alliance with EntryMapper for market expansion within Europe, against the backdrop of prior in-house efforts including a market analysis led by an intern from a global top 10 business school.

Background and challenges

As it approached a pivotal fundraising phase, IVALO.COM had already undertaken significant preliminary market analysis by enlisting an MBA intern from a prestigious business school, However, subsequent investor meetings highlighted the insufficiency of these efforts in providing the comprehensive insights required for strategic scaling.

"Despite our diligent preliminary work, the feedback from our first investor meetings made itclear that we needed a deeper, more strategic approach. We soon realized that our initialefforts, although significant, were not compelling enough to communicate our future vision."

Matti Lamminsalo - CEO & Co-Founder of IVALO.COM

Our Approach

Acknowledging the limitations of their initial analyses, IVALO.COM engaged EntryMapper, whose approach addressed the complexities of market expansion through 4 pillars:

Advanced Competitor landscape analysis

We conducted a comprehensive review of market, including competitive gaps & opportunities for IVALO.COM to scale & innovate

Customer Segment & B2B Opportunity Idenfitication

EntryMapper uncovered a lucrative new & untapped B2B market segment

Strategic Country & Market Prioritization

We used our matrix approach to identify expansion-worthy countries and performed key deep-dives

Holistic Go-to-Market Strategy Formation

We synthesized all these insights into a stakeholder-ready document to facilitate engagement


This partnership equipped IVALO.COM with a robust framework for European market expansion and diversification into new service areas, including sustainability validation. This clear, data-backed go-to-market strategy resonated with venture capital investors, validating the strategic direction and facilitating successful funding rounds.

Matti Lamminsalo
CEO & Co-Founder of IVALO.COM
“EntryMapper's approach has been an enlightening and transformative experience for IVALO.COM. Their go-to-market product did not just surpass expectations — it propelled us into a future where we navigate the European market with unprecedented clarity and strategy.
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