In an innovative move to reshape their market strategy within the European thermal storage sector, PolarNight Energy (PNE) collaborated with EntryMapper. This partnership was aimed at breaking through traditional market analysis barriers using EntryMapper's AI-driven tools. This approach focused on accurately identifying markets, prioritizing sectors, and strategizing market entry, addressing PNE's need for a nuanced market engagement strategy.

Background and challenges

PNE faced the challenge of deciding which new verticals and markets to extend to and how to prioritize them. This task was made more daunting by the founders' significant operational roles, highlighting the need for detailed market analysis. PNE's initial reluctance to outsource market analysis stemmed from concerns about value of the investment, particularly whether EntryMapper would be able to provide meaningful insights in a complex and technical industry.

 “We have spent half a decade in this sector and it was not easy to believe that someone could just come in and grasp all the required information to deliver high quality market research. However, it turned out that EntryMapper’s unique method enabled them to extract required information and focus on delivering the results with their methodology. EntryMapper’s product was a perfect match for our requirements.”

Markku Ylönen Co-founder & CTO, Polar Night Energy

Our Approach

Our methodology was built to achieve four main goals for entrepreneurs:

Competitive insights

Given the niche market, it was key to understand the market competitors with similar offerings and what use cases they were pursuing

Vertical prioritization

Given characteristics of the thermal sand battery, EntryMapper assessed verticals based not only on market potential but also on applicability of PNE’s solution. Deep-dives were created for priority verticals to explore specific target companies

Market prioritization

With different regulatory structures and attitudes towards renewable energy, it was critical to build a prioritization of expansion countries as well, including deep-dives on these countries, with specific trends and identified sales leads

GTM synthesis

Once all the data had been collected and analyzed, all insights were synthesized into a stakeholder ready report.


EntryMapper's work with PNE marks a significant milestone, offering PNE a fresh perspective on the European thermal storage market. This partnership refined PNE's strategy, enhancing their market navigation capabilities and laying a strong foundation for future expansion and investment. EntryMapper’s product also enabled PNE to successfully close its next round of funding in 2024, crucially enabling it to act on EntryMapper’s market expansion insights.

Markku Ylönen
Co-founder & CTO, Polar Night Energy
”We were absolutely floored by the quality and extent of the study. The final deliverable included 100 slides with hard-packed insights and recommendations backed up with a huge amount of data and sources. Now we have a very solid and hard data backed base to decide on our strategy and next steps. On top of that we look extremely professional in-front of our stakeholders and potential VC investors. We simply could not be happier with the results.”
Anke Huiskes
Managing Partner of NP-Hard Ventures (Investor in Polar Night Energy
"As an investor, it makes all the difference if the company truly understands its market. Thanks to EntryMapper, PolarNight Energy now has a well-articulated market entry strategy backed by robust research, which will help them massively with their GTM.”
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