This case study explores the case of Riihicloud, a SaaS company with aunified endpoint management (UEM) offering, who sells its product toend-customers through IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Riihicloud embarkedon strategic market expansion using EntryMapper's approach. EntryMapper’s work resulted in a detailed expansion plan, identifyingover 220 high-potential MSPs and providing Riihicloud with actionable insightsfor successful market entry, significantly enhancing its competitivepositioning and strategy against competitors

Background and challenges

Riihicloud had been very successful in selling its product to MSPs in its core market Finland, and wanted to expand internationally to achieve required scale. However, Riihicloud did not possess the required competitive insights or market entry strategy and channel understanding to do this successfully outside of Finland. Through EntryMapper's methodical approach, critical questions regarding competitive landscapes, overall value chain and MSP segmentation were addressed, setting the stage for a comprehensive market analysis.

Riihicloud’s competitive landscape is very complex, and they were unsure how to enter into new markets and what the optimal method was to identify MSPs to target, and tailor a go-to-market strategy.

Our Approach

Our methodology was built to achieve four main goals for entrepreneurs:

Competitive landscape and value chain analysis:

Analysis of competitive archetypes and their respective value chain coverage, as well as gaps in value proposition.

MSP segmentation and prioritization

Validating Riihicloud’s sales channel approach of selling to MSPs, as well as understanding types of MSPs currently in the market, and which competitors are selling to them, and ultimately developing a methodology for prioritizing high potential MSPs

Deep dives into target markets:

Detailed insight into market landscape of Swedish market, including 220+ specific MSP leads to target

Synthesis of insights:

Packaging all data and insights into an investor-ready report, with detailed referenced backup data


Riihicloud used EntryMapper’s report to guide its expansion plan and business development, as well as to on-board new team members hired specifically for the new expansion market. Ultimately, EntryMapper was able to unlock Riihicloud’s expansion market by identifying competitive gaps and sharing a detailed list of potential MSPs to target from Day 1.

Jouko Kukko
CEO Riihicloud Oy
"EntryMapper’s comprehensive Go-To-Market study and competitor analysis for Riihicloud have been instrumental in our strategic entry into the Swedish market. Their in-depth research provided us with a nuanced understanding of the complex market dynamics and the diverse array of players overlapping with our Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) offerings. Furthermore, EntryMapper’s insights into our partner landscape of Managed Service Providers (MSP) in Sweden were invaluable, enabling us to position Riihicloud effectively amidst stiff competition. Their expertise has been a key driver in our successful market entry and positioning strategy."
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