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The ultimate solution for startups, providing ready-to-use go-to-market insights into your competitive landscape, optimal markets, verticals and categories for expansion.

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Proven Methodology

Our proprietary in-house developed approach is the backbone of our success. Rigorously tested and refined, this methodology with help of AI ensures that every go-to-market strategy we map out is both innovative and effective.

Entrepreneurial empathy

Rooted in our DNA is an unwavering empathy for entrepreneurs and their ventures, because we’ve been there before as well. We recognize the courage it takes to break into new territories and verticals, and we're committed to being your most trusted guide in these pivotal moments.

Integrity & Transparency

Authenticity and honesty drive every interaction and recommendation. We prioritize open communication, ensuring that you retain full strategic control of your next go-to-market move. We provide clarity on our processes, full confidentiality of the findings, and also highlight the potential challenges you might face with your market entry.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We believe in the power of data. By tapping into the best sources available and integrating them into our methodology, we ensure that every component of our product is grounded in reliable and actionable intelligence.

An essential go-to-market tool for startup founders

EntryMapper is the ultimate solution for startups entering into new markets or sectors. We provide invaluable insights into the competitive landscape and uncover the optimal markets, verticals and categories for expansion. With EntryMapper’s solution, you as a startup founder can confidently navigate your next go-to-market move.

We understand the audacity it takes to venture into new markets and verticals, and our commitment is to equip you with the latest data-backed insights to support your future go-to-market decisions. What sets us apart is a combination of entrepreneurial experience, proven methodology, integrity and access to data, fused together into a easy-to-use product. We are not a consulting company, but a tech company with a unique service product.

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Transformation driven by data.

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Transformation with scalable processes.

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Transformation People can embrace and respect.

Why should you work with us?

Proven methodology

We are not a consulting firm: Our robust, AI-driven methodology has been tried and tested, arming you with actionable insights, reducing market entry risks and optimizing resource allocation.

Preserving your strategic control

We work in a way that keeps you in strategic control, ensuring that you as a founder continue to decide the overall strategic direction of the business

Decision-ready materials

Our comprehensive methodology arms you with the data-backed and presentation-ready insights that you need to convincingly articulate your go-to-market plans to your team, your other stakeholders and your existing and potential new investors.

Industry leading data sources

Our solution enables you to harness leading data sources across all industries and geographical markets. As part of our solution we will handover to you a data package and all data models with source references.

Our methodology

With some strategic inputs from you, EntryMapper’s methodology will generate a recommendation for your next growth step. We leverage your expertise, your thought leadership and your preferences, and use these inputs to generate an investor-ready go-to-market plan, with the following key elements:


Definition of value proposition and overall competitive landscape, including your positioning vs. competitors

What products and services can I sell that will add value to the market? What products and services can be considered as alternatives or competitors to my offering in the market?

Prioritization of verticals, categories or sectors for expansion, including detailed deep-dives

Which industry vertical or product category presents the most attractive opportunity for expansion? What sub-verticals or sub-categories are evident and most lucrative for my startup to enter into?


Prioritization of geographical markets for entry, with detailed deep-dives of high potential markets

Which geographical markets should I sell my product? How should I decide which countries, cities and regions to prioritize? Which geographical markets best meet my prioritization criteria? How should I enter into those geographical markets?

An actionable and extensive go-to-market plan with robust data-backed insights

How do I translate recommendations into tangible actions? Which sub-verticals, regions and customers should I target first? Should I sell direct, through alternative channels or forge complementary partnerships? What other considerations and potential risks are evident?


What our customers say

Our customers openly share their experience, clearly recognising the tangible impact of our transformative solution and dedication to their success.

Join us, and let's co-create success stories, grounded in data on markets, verticals and competitors as we map your next market entry.

“We were absolutely floored by the quality and extent of the study. The final deliverable included 100 slides with hard packed insights and recommendations backed up with a huge amount of data spreadsheets with sources. Now we have a very solid and hard data backed base to decide on our strategy and next steps. On top of that we look extremely professional in-front of our stakeholders and potential VC investors. We simply could not be happier with the results.”  

Markku Ylönen
Co-Founder & CTO - Polar Night Energy

"The level of detail in EntryMapper's industry vertical analysis was exceptional. They identified key growth areas, enabling us to realign our business focus and communicate this to our team and investors with confidence."

Mattii Lamminsalo

"As an investor, it makes all the difference if the company truly understands its market. Thanks to EntryMapper, PolarNight Energy now has a well-articulated market entry strategy backed by robust research, which will help them massively with their GTM.”

Anke Huiskes
Managing Partner - NP/Hard Ventures

"EntryMapper's in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape was a game-changer for our business. We were impressed by how EntryMapper mapped out the most lucrative industry verticals for our business. EntryMapper's guidance on geographical market entry was invaluable. Their expertise helped us navigate new territories with confidence and their data-driven approach enabled us to strategically position ourselves in markets we had previously overlooked."

Victor Zabrockis
HARI Editions

Our obsession
with Data

We strongly believe in Data-Driven Decision Making. By harnessing the best data sources available and integrating them seamlessly into our processes, we guarantee every decision is anchored in robust, actionable intelligence.

This commitment to data, paired with our in-house developed methodology, ensures that our proprietary approach, supercharged with AI, translates into go-to-market strategies that are not only innovative, but supremely effective. Yet, as we forge ahead with technological and data advancements, we never lose sight of the human touch. Our integrity and transparency ensures that every interaction is rooted in authenticity.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you find some responses to the usual questions that we get from customers before signing up with us.

How can my business become a customer of EntryMapper?

Getting onboarded as a customer is simple! Reach out to our team through our website or contact us directly. We'll connect you with the right experts to discuss your specific needs and explore how we can support your expansion and go-to-market plans.

For which industries does EntryMapper offer its product for?

EntryMapper's approach is really industry sector or geography agnostic. Our in-house developed methodology, which is based of tens of years of experience in formulating go-to-market plans for different industries combined with robust data sources, we are able to build decision-making ready go-to-market materials and plans for any industry or geography.

How quickly will I receive the final go-to-market plan with all the promised information, and how much I or my team needs to be involved?

After an initial couple of hours videoconference or meeting, we'll present you with a detailed plan and timeline. Normally the final product will be delivered within 2-6 weeks. Throughout the process we'll maintain open communication and arrange weekly update calls to ensure that you maintain strategic control of the exact objectives of the go-to-market plan.

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